Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Do one thing right

For most people, getting a new job is a pretty big deal. It’s a lot of work getting your resume and story together for a particular position. Then there can be multiple interviews; tests even for some jobs. But once you have the job, that’s when the real work usually begins.
Not so for politicians. Getting their job is the hardest work they’ll ever do; in fact, for many of them, it’s the only work they’ll ever do. Once one election is over they are campaigning for the next one.

The country would be a lot better off if each year the leaders of the two parties got together and agreed to fix one thing that year. One, and only one thing. And no other bills – especially earmarks – could be turned into laws until that one thing was fixed. Polls will help select what the American people think needs fixing most urgently, and God knows politicians can read polls.
The one thing selected should then be given the same kind of effort pols give to elections. There should be town hall meetings everywhere to discuss the pros and cons. Television spots should run advocating various points-of-view. We should have yard signs and buttons. The whole schmageggie.

By the end of the year we’d know if our elected officials had actually accomplished the task, and as long as we replace it with another task of similar significance we could keep them focused on what is really important to us.

One could argue for a long list of candidates for the first task on the annual “Do One Thing Right” list. I think I’d go for health care reform.


fenway said...

Ditto on health care being the one right 'thing' to accomplish - OH!, maybe #2 to getting everyone home from Iraq (who wants their child to be the last to die . . . ). Newsweek has a "How They Want To Spend Your Money" feature in the current issue. Obama allocates $240 billion to health care, Clinton $400 billion (education and energy come in two and three for both). McCain you ask? Not among his top three which are defense, border security and energy.

d'blank said...

One day I think health care reform should be first, the next day I think something else. Having a smart, long term energy policy might take care of a number of other problems including Iraq.

Birdman said...

Health care is definately #1. We all get sick or infirm at some point. Leaving it to insurance companies to decide who gets treated is positively insane. Getting everybody out of Iraq is critical to getting anything else done. I have a 21 year old-son. I'd put him in a steamer trunk and ship him to Toronto before I'd let these guys get their hands on him. (and I'm a veteran!)

fenway said...

Two things. Health care: I just had a total hip replacement. $47,000. My share $100. I have great insurance thanks to the largess and good heart of my ex husband. Otherwise I'd have none. Oh, and that doesn't count my 9 days at rehab. You are right, we are all going to see these sorts of bills (if you live long enough to get prostate cancer and cataracts). Oh, and it needs to be portable. That far off unjust war to 'bring democracy to people who don't know the meaning of the word' . . my brothers became eligible for the draft when the numbered system came in so they escaped. Otherwise I would have spirited them out of the country. Should your son be called up, Birdman, I'll be part of the underground railroad that helps move him to Canada. Where they have universal health care.

Birdman said...

I'll see your hip replacement and raise you two (both) cataract operations. I guess I'm avoiding the old guy rush. We ride my wife's health insurance through the Federal Courts. Pretty sweet. Could have cost $40,000 with out it.

I'm glad somebody escaped the draft lottery. It certainly wasn't me. D'Blank (and others) sent me off to Ft. Polk, LA with the biggest hangover of my young life. A truly great day.