Tuesday, October 19, 2010

These are my choices

The five candidates running for governor and U.S. Senate are listed below, along with a little blurb on what I know about them. I feel confident that I am better informed than the average person; still I must admit that most of what I know comes from the ads they run, which are mostly about their opponent, or on the pretty superficial news coverage that tends to focus on either the horse race or personalities.

For U.S. Senate:

Charlie Crist is the current Republican Governor of Florida. As such he was a favorite of independents, but his moderate views led him to believe he could not win the Republican primary so he is running as an independent. He may be gay. Since his main opponent is very conservative he has become much more conservative in his views the past few months and is a world class flip-flopper. His main challenge comes from…

Marco Rubio, the Republican nominee and darling of the Tea Baggers. He is a financial deadbeat and has probably illegally used campaign funds for personal use. He is young and charismatic and of Cuban decent. Sarah Palin likes him and he is a dangerous, right-wing nut job. He is leading in the polls. There is a third candidate…

Kendrick Meeks is a black guy and the Democratic nominee. He is currently running a poor third in the polls. A lot of people seem to want him to quit so Crist has a better chance. I don’t know much about him since he has no money for ads, the other two don’t bother to pick on him and the press ignores him.

If any of them has a position on the Middle Eastern wars I haven’t heard it.

For the Governor’s job we have:

Alex Swift is the Democratic nominee. Her husband ran against Jeb Bush for Governor and lost in 2002. She was the CFO of Florida and lost billions during the ’08 financial meltdown. She’s a former Bank of America CEO fir Florida. She is a descendant of the Siamese twins Chang and Eng She has a really annoying accent.

Rick Scott is the Republican nominee for Governor. He owned a bunch of donut shops and was then the CEO of a heath care company that the Feds fined $1.7 billion for some kind of fraud – I’m not sure why but it was after he made millions. He lived in public housing when he was a kid. His mother loves him and he will cut taxes.

My Congressman is a guy named John Mica. He is a Republican and has had the office since 1992. He won with 62% of the vote in ’08. He’s running against a woman named Heather Beaven (above) who has never run for office before. I had to go online to learn even this. I’ve never seen an ad or read a word about either of them. Maybe there’s Tea Bagger running too but I haven’t heard.

So anyway, you can see why I’m so enthusiastic about this election. Heather is kind of cute. I'll probably vote for her.


Hankster said...

As I added to your last post, the bottom line is the party line vote for the Supreme Court. There is a real choice here.

jb said...

Now you can understand why I got the hell out of Florida.

Always vote for the babe, Heather

fenway said...

What do you think of Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

d'blank said...

@ Fenway -- she has too many names. Had to Google her -- I'd never heard of her. No opinion.

Colavito6 said...

The sad thing is that you have a better reason to vote for Heather than 90% of the electorate has for voting for their candidates. Most of the time voters pick candidates like bettors pick horses. Lots of hunches and little or no accurate information. Unfortunately too many elections are won by unqualified candidates that are able to raise the most money to run the most ads. In the case of local elections, the candidate with the most yard signs wins because given the choice between a familiar name you know nothing about and an unfamiliar name you know nothing about you vote for the familiar name.

All that said, cute is good-pull the lever.

Birdman said...

Cute certainly trumps republican. It also helps to be the first name on the ballot. That's why distinguished gentleman Alvin Greene got the democratic nomination for the SC senate seat.

d'blank said...

Hey, could there be a Rocky Colavito fan on the Daily Blank? Whatever you do, Don't Knock the Rock!

Birdman said...

Loved the Rock!! Best arm in baseball. I remember they tried to make him a pitcher but the only way he could get the ball over the plate was if he threw from center field.

fenway said...

Cute trumps republican!

Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Vote your favorite.

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