Friday, January 30, 2009

The government is Oz

The Republicans have no heart. The Democrats have no brain. The only remaining questions are:

1. Does President Obama have the courage to force them to do what is right?
2. Who is Dorothy in this analogy?

David Brooks nailed the problem in his column today. The President may represent the politics of change, but this is the same old Congress. Shameless, selfish, short-sighted and stupid.


Birdman said...

That's exacttly the problem. The Democrats and Repbulicans in Congress -- Especially in the House are only interested in serving very narrow constituencies and are willing to let the country go down the dumper serving them. Obama is going to have to take some heads (in the form of veto) in order for this to work. Or he's going to have to be very directive about what needs to be in these bills and tell the democrats that he won't sign anything larded up with stuff that won't solve the problem.

warrenout said...

I think we are all Dorothy in way. We are looking for Goverment to solve all of our problems in our own backyard.Obama has the courage. Does he have the integrity?

fenway said...

Pelosi and Emanuel should lose their jobs (or worse) over what happened yesterday. And, yes warrenout, we all are Dorothy looking to the government. But this deep in who else? Pray (those of you who do) for Obama's courage. I have a limo driver, a lovely Hatian immigrant (legal) who stops in my store once a week to say hi. Today he told me he has one job today, none yesterday. His wife is unemployed but looking, they have two daughters and are trying to 'hold on'. While we are all trying to hold on, you can be sure he is really trying to hold on. In case you're wondering, I've moved on from Varitek.

kgwhit said...

I wonder if FDR had the problems with Congress during the Depression that Obama seems to have? Maybe things haven't been bad enough for long enough for Congress to stop being petty spoiled brats and actually put the country first.

The Nik said...

The goverment is indeed Oz, and we the inmates just dropped the soap.

leslies said...

I think Dorothy represents the freedoms we, as Americans, were to have, thanks to our founding fathers.
But...we're losing our freedoms because our greedy investment bankers and corporate raiders have walked down the yellow brick road with our power-hungry politicians and now Dorothy's got to get home and get back to basics. I guess now "there's no place like home" if you're lucky enough to have one--mortgage free.

Fistinyoface said...

Scarecrow oiled the Tin Man until he squeaked only when biting a pillow. They moved to Vegas and did the window treatments for Sigfried & Roy. When the Lion caught up with them, he flew into a jealous rage and damn near bit Roy's head clean off.

Dorothy OD'd on Seconal, but not before saying: "someday my haystack of a daughter will beat the shit out of her womanly husband."

Right-O, Fenway.
Pelosi's had so much Botox, her eyelids need pull rings. Rham Emanuel? He should drown in his own vomit.

And what about this un-married, unemployed, in-debt nearly 7-figures sow with the octuplets?

Should they tie her tubes... or her esophagus?

We're supposed to pay for her litter?

warrenout said...

Fisty, She is at Kaiser -Permanente. Somebody will be paying the bill. Early estimates are each child in NICU will cost 400,000 by the time they leave,That bill will be dropped and kicked to the goverment of California for payment, Quicker than a TD score Warner to Fitzgerald. The Dems have told us for years that you cannot legislate morality. Oh, would Pelosi qualify as being a two bagger flag flier?

fenway said...

Oh, The Sow(!) in Cally. We will all be paying the millions that cost. Never mind who the hell will be caring for those 14 children while the grandfather's off to Iraq to help 'defray' the costs. The doc who implanted all those 'things'? Off with his head, too. That's immoral medicine.

Did we discuss the Nazi Pope or did just dream he's been impeached?

fenway said...

and btfw, what the hell was Sarah Palin doing hobnobbing with the hated Washington elite last night? And flying there on SarahPac monies. Such a phony.

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