Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I have nothing profound to add to the basic idea of the day. We all have something for which to be thankful. For starters, none of us are out in a rice paddy, standing in water up to our knees, digging for our dinners.

This is the best of all holidays; there are no competing religious dogma to divide us. We can all just be thankful for whatever gifts we've been given in whatever way pleases us.

We can be thankful that commercial interests have found it difficult to leverage Thanksgiving to much effect. Yes, there is the big parade, which has turned into one long television commercial, but Thanksgiving has become the last day we are actually semi-free of the unrelenting urging to "buy! buy! buy!" that will dominate our lives for the next 30 days. So far, the stores are holding off until at least midnight of the day after. Black Friday is a good name for it, too.

So I wish you all the best of all Thanksgivings. May you spend it with people you love, and who love you.


Birdman said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. It too is my favorite of the major holidays. I'm thankful Dennis keeps us all engaged and amused.

Hankster said...


Yesterday's NY Times had an opinion on the history of the holiday. It seems fasting was as important as feasting:

I particularly like Cotton Mather's belief that King Philip’s War was God's retribution on the colony for the sin of wig wearing. Looks like I won't have that on my head...

kgwhit said...

This blog is positively is our patriotic duty to buy! buy! buy!
Good God, do you folks want an investment banker to not make the mortgage on his fourth house in Bali?
What can you expect from a bunch of East Coast pinkos who want Bin Laden to win.

d'blank said...

OK, you can all go shopping now. I'd like a nice box of Montecristo White labels -- Churchills.

Hankster said...

Seize the day and tell/show those you love that you love them. Live each day as if your salvation depends upon it. Trite as it may be, we all think we are smarter than we are. The house will always win and you never know if it turns out to be the hand your are playing at the moment.

Be thankful for having been alive and living it in the USA. I am a godless atheist, yet I still believe we are blessed and each creature is sacred.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the saints and reprobates on this blog!

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