Thursday, February 7, 2008

Alert the media: I'm wrong again!

I was a little premature writing off Hillary, I guess. That was a pretty impressive performance Tuesday, winning California, New York, New Jersey and others -- and by such big margins. I clearly overestimated the Kennedy effect since she even won Massachusetts by 15 points.

This might be a good time to restate that I started this blog not because I have any real political insights, but to blow off some steam, and it has been good for that.

I hope everyone reads the comments; there are always good ones. Birdman's observation about how current McCain fans (including me) might rethink their position if Rev. Huckabee were his running mate has me thinking a lot about how little the issues are actually a factor for so many people. The Rev. Huck is a very charming guy with a great personal story. He is an American archetype; a very easy guy to like on a personal level, but it's a little scary to think of him picking Supreme Court justices.


Birdman said...

I still think Hillary is in trouble. By this time next week she'll be behind in delgates having lost MD, VA, LA, WA, among other states. Her wins in NY and CA are indeed impressive but they are states that will go Dem in November anyway. What helps Obama is that he shows strength in some swing states like MO, and CO. TX and OH are critical for Clinton and she might take one of them (TX because of the number of Hispanics). We never know what the next couple of weeks might bring and I don't think she's got another $5 million to loan the campaign.

hankster said...

Hillary would have no feet in the heartland in the general election vs McCain. I am not sure if Obama would be able to take the independent vote in any of those red states from McCain. Are the Democrats ready to admit they need to go with the fresh face and leave Hillary waiting at the church?

For me, I would trust Obama's judgement in his assessment of military advice rather than Huck on a horse micromanaging a frontal assault on the forces of evil.