Friday, February 29, 2008

Hussein or not Hussein?

OK, so Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein, but we’re not allowed to say it out loud. Is that about right?

If a political opponent uses his middle name in a speech or an article it is assumed, probably correctly, that it is an attempt to paint Barack as a Muslim, which he is not.
So the response from his supporters is that anyone who speaks or writes Barack’s middle name is a racist. Because why? The logical answer to that question is because they think the word Hussein is intrinsically negative. But doesn’t that play into the hands of those trying to make the Senator sound foreign and frightening by calling him Barack Hussein Obama in the first place? Both parties are just so stupid about stuff like this.

Republicans who shout “Hussein” sound petty and small-minded.

Democrats who denounce them sound like the PC-Gestapo.

Everyone knows his middle name by now, or will soon. The smart move would be for the Dems to start calling him Hussein whenever possible, and by May know one will care.

Of course it could be worse. As Jon Stewart said the other night, his name could have been Gaydolf Titler.


hankster said...

Who's sane? As the Marx Brothers said, "there ain't no sanity clause."

Or, as the Bard said, "would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?"

Birdman said...

I think you're right on both counts. The republicans do look stupid and small minded and the democrats are also stupid about this and are just wussies. (Using Gestapo gives them a menacing quality they haven't earned). I think McCain's middle name of Sidney is more problematic.