Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Buckeye bound

d'blank is taking a little road trip to the Buckeye state and will return with tales of the heartland late this month. For those of you who occasionally play a little golf, I am planning a few rounds while I'm gone, including one on a Donald Ross course that charges $39 including the cart -- about what one disburses in tips on an average day at a private course in the New York area. I may not come back.


Birdman said...

Good luck Dennis. I'm sure you'll bring that course to its knees in short order. I'm playing again tomorrow down here in Kiawah and hope to duplicate the 79 I shot on Monday (although I doubt I'll do it.). Nice picture of Jim Brown. I just hope it wasn't from the Colts game in 1964.

fenway said...

how much do I love Jim Brown. Sat next to him at a Super Bowl in Miami (?), Los Angeles (?) or maybe New Orleans (?) in early 70s. enjoy, d'blank. eeeew the country

Hankster said...

I suppose you will be wearing plus fours?

jb said...

I dont know how to post a note like D' caring the mail but I just got home from a family reunion and got to spend three days with my brother. We played golf and then toured Columbus ultimently finding a saloon which he is very familiar.

You miscreants are very lucky.

I remember my dad being really angry that the 1970 Brown Bomber "Electrta 225" totaled. Thank GOD for the waitress who pulled you two back in the bar.

Birdman said...

Jack -- re: the HI-Beck Lounge. Yes it was quite an occasion. Your brother handled himself with the aplomb and good grace that we've all come to know and admire.

Given that Gary and I were only passengers, we were hustled back into the Hi-Beck. This was not the only occasion about which you could say we were very lucky. Not by a long shot.