Monday, July 14, 2008

Chart magic

I love charts. These two are interesting. Perhaps one activity drives the other. I keep looking for some correlation but it may just be coincidence. The chart above plots consumer confidence levels in the U.S., and the last nine months has been a race to the bottom. And this chart doesn't even reflect the events of the past two weeks.

The chart below compares usage rates for both marijuana and cocaine among 17 industrialised nations. Finally -- something in which America can still claim worldwide leadership!


kgwhit said...

There is room for improvement from the USA. Now that the baby boomers are reaching retirement age and the kids are out of the house, it is time to have a bong back on the coffee table like in college.

You do have to be concerned with the tanking economy...I know, it is just a mental recession...but can we afford cocaine?

Luxuries are usually the first to go and where marijuana is a necessity, coke is something of a luxury for we in the peasant class.

It is good to see that New Zealand is giving the USA a run for our money. Always wondered what I had in common with a girl from New Zealand that I dated in college, now I know.

birdman said...

Now that's the kind of cutback I'm willing to make. Besides, I'm not sure our tickers could take a steady diet of nose candy.

What with impending arthritis issues, bongs or other such delivery systems may be the way to go. Lack of manual dexterity may make rolling joints something of a challenge.

hankster said...

People are voting with their bongs. High percentage of drug use only breeds contempt for the law. Where is our democracy in action? Here is an item which most users would rather pay the tax than do on the sly. Why not have legalized business go head to head vs the drug cartels. Either control vice or suffer with what we have now.

kgwhit said...

You think crime is bad now, what would all the drug dealers do for a living if we legalized it?

The accounts of those arrested for dealing usually omit the University attended from the bio, well unless they are pro athletes.

Although the skill sets needed probably are the same, hard to see street dealers moving on to hedge fund managers after legalization.

d'blank said...

Not hedge funds perhaps, but it might be excellent training for selling sub-prime mortgages. Oh wait, there may not be many openings in that field either. How about the campaign contribution bundling industry?

kgwhit said...

Campaign contribution bundling is way out of their league. Ethical considerations would be the stumbling block, drug dealers have a much higher moral standard than fundraisers.

At least drug dealers have loyalty to their homeys.

Woody said...

Can we expect a drop in marijuana and coke consumption due to the decline in consumer confidence? If recreational drug use is reduced, the sale of consumer food products will likely fall. The sale of Twinkies, Fritos, and Cheetos should be especially hard hit. Will the Fed jump in to rescue these commodities? What will Obama and McCain offer to solve this problem? Inquiring minds want to know!

jb said...

I want to go to New Zealand but the flight is too long.

some of those countries need to have a bong on the coffee table.

I have a friend that smokes more than your entire friendship group.

He is the reason we, USA, leads the world in pot smoking.

I am so proud of him.

I dabble, he swims in it.

So to my friend that wants to make Richard Nixon wrong...he was the guy who put us down this path..

Smoke and Mirrors from Dan Baum.

hankster said...

Those who resort to crime will always be with us but some may not be introduced via the illegal drug industry if we change our course. However, the rest of the population will need to smoke herb to support the Twinkie and Cheeto industries. And consider all those reusable shopping bags made of hemp.

Who among you would have believed this country's intent to focus on Bagdad while still waging war on drugs? Bismarck warned Germany not to get into a 2 front war. GWB has not been reading history. We must retreat from San Diego!

Anonymous said...

Legalizing pot would be a boon to the credit card industry as it would leave prostitutes as the only real reason to carry cash, thereby virtually creating a cashless society.

In turn, this would absolutely murder consumer confidence as everyone would be trying to pay back their credit card debt!!

d'blank said...

Wow - I guess I now know what topic will light up (if you'll pardon the expression) this group. No more corporate tax screeds for me -- it'll be all drugs all the time from now on.

birdman said...

Given the state of our financial system, I think "all drugs, all the time," might be the way to go.