Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where's my money bitch?

I'm sure there are layers upon layers of political motives at work here, but don't you find it really disconcerting to have the Chinese openly warning us that they expect their money back? It's only a trillion or so -- I guess that's still big money in China.

How about a little good news? Read Tom Friedman's column in today's New York Times. Maybe good old American ingenuity will get us out of this mess eventually.


kgwhit said...

The situation drips with irony that the one of the last bastions of communism is bailing out the capitalists. Karl Marx must be chortling in his grave.
The most hated form of government to the West, since the Bolshevik Revolution, is riding in to save the day.

d'blank said...

I'm reading a bio of Mao now. what an evil bastard. he makes Hitler look like Neville Chamberlain.

Gaga said...

Now that we all know what an earmark is I'm having trouble with another definition. No, not swartz. What does "illegal" mean anymore? Here in Colorado the Governor has a bill started that would give"illegals" or children of, a chance to obtain college loans.

I realize this bill is more about Latino votes than it is about loans but, here's my problem. Is it now ok for me to: smoke some illegal stuff, drink some illegal moonshine,drive w/o a licence down the wrong side of the road, to holdup the bank,w/ my no permit gun? I'v done some of this already but, is it ok now?

warrenout said...

Maybe the Chi-coms 1 billion strong are too big to fail..What are they going to do stop selling lead contaminated products to Walmart? I knew years ago that ol' Hop Sing from the Ponderosa was slinging more than pumpkin pie.The howdy and the handshake are gone, replaced by corporate greed and individual denial. And the libs wonder...Its those of us that work hard and live law abiding(most of the time) lives that will carry on. The National freak show of giving away entitlements will only get worse. The mantra of don't tell me I'm wrong prove to me I'm wrong gives me a front row seat to witness the MCF that will take place on health care reform.The only Marx I belive in is Groucho.So lighten up, smoke em if you got them have a tall cool one and turn the music up...

kgwhit said...

I had a prof in college who had escaped when Mao came to power. His Dad had been a big deal in Sun Yat-Sen's Government. His father was killed when the Commies came to power. He hated Mao with such a passion and also looked down on him because he came from Hunan Province which he explained was the lowest of the low. I don't know that it was possible to have an objective take on the guy.

Birdman said...

I think China's threat is about as empty a one as you can find. Who else is going to buy their lead-based toys and poison pet food?

Gaga said...

I love this idea.

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