Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I’m retiring this week; not from the blog, or from life, I’m actually retiring from my job of many years. This is proving to be a surprisingly stressful and demanding process, and I may bore you with the details of it all a bit later. However, it is clearly not going to be this week, so I thought I’d just let everyone know that I plan to return soon.

The hardest part about retiring is that it is like having your leg in a cast. Once people see the cast, you know where the conversation is going, and there are only so many questions to be asked. The victim of the broken leg has the advantage of being able to answer most of the obvious questions the cast evokes. I, on the other hand, have absolutely no answers to any of the standard retirement questions. About the 4-5th time they are asked it starts to make you feel stupid. Somewhere around the 25-30th time, it made me feel homicidal.

More on being a cranky retiree later.


Lou said...

You just don't look old enough to retire. And in fact you are younger than me so it don't seem fair. That said, you have worked hard, been loyal and deserve the long awaited break. Hope to see you in our neighborhood sometime soon. I am toasting one to you...

d'blank said...

Yes Lou-Lou, I will always be younger than you, but you'll always be cooler than me. Get that room ready. I been watching Ken Burns this week. I may have to go live in Rocky Mountain Park for a month or two now that I have some time on my hands.

fenway said...

Well, welcome to my world! Not that any of us will really ever retire. I've been in Charleston for four days and feel as though I've fallen through the hole. Has this been in the works for some time? Once you catch your breath all will be well. Here are a few words of wisdom from the other Dennis shortly after he "retired": "when you're retired the only way you know it's Sunday is when the fat paper comes". Enjoy. Stay in touch. Let me know if you travel north rather than west. xo

Kaz said...

All I want to know is the name of the shuffleboard league you're gonna be playing in.

Carolina said...

Two thoughts:
One: I'm not buying that rocking chair. How 'bout a set of drums or a saxaphone?

Two: How 'bout this analogy instead of the cast. "Hey....I heard you won the lottery....what are you going to do with all that time and money?"
Possible answer: I'm just going to kick back for a little bit...consider my options. Who knows; I may open a blues joint in the Delta."

Hankster said...

Retiring with a sound mind and healthy body is a bonus. No need to feel like a lame duck. Strut like the cock of the roost you are.

warrenout said...

Congrats definately 2nd the sound mind and body, perhaps with your extra time this winter you can be on Jacks phone tree and remind him of whats it like to feel warm on Jan 15.

Gaga said...

I'm betting you got fired.

d'blank said...

Something you need not worry about G.

kgwhit said...

To a generation that would never trust anyone over 30 retirement just wasn't in the playbook.
Guess you will have to improvise this next part of life.

fenway said...

I have that Time Inc. mugshot also! I left twice. In my photo from the first time I was 21. Marie Cherichetti literally made me turn that ID in. She almost hit me even when I cried. When I left the second time (that photo ID was about age 35) our friend AY STOLE the first one from employee records. I have it hanging in my kitchen. Enjoy everything about what's to come. xo

BB said...

So DB is retiring joining the ranks of others we know and love. We're gonna grab a cocktail sometime soon (I'm buying of course). I also have my Time Inc. ID stashed away somewhere . We were really young back then, and so good looking! Fenway, you should drop me a line.

Nigel said...

From my perspective, there are two issues here.

First is the reality that you are leaving the Time Inc. mother ship for the final time. I'm not alone in saying that you'll be happy you did.

Second, is this "retirement" of which you speak. My guess is that you'll be back to doing something that you love -- like writing your blog when you aren't pouring drinks at the bar you bought down in the Delta.


Woody said...

I am sure that many of us will be retiring over the next 3-10 years so you will have plenty of company soon. Some of us will adjust to retirement easily while others will have difficulty. I hope you have a smooth transition and find a new passion.

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