Saturday, October 3, 2009

David Letterman is a pig

If you ran a business and used your HR director as a pimp to procure women, who would serve as both your employees and concubines, you’d most likely end up in court and probably on the front page of the local paper, held up as an example of how the rich and powerful exploit their positions.

This is exactly what Letterman has done, but it’s only the foundation of his complete pigishness.

Not only did he show no shame or remorse, he used the story of his serial exploitations of his staff as fodder for an on-air, smarmy, wise-ass comedy bit that was cleverly constructed so as to reveal his behavior late within the story of the alleged blackmail plot against him. He had his audience laughing and applauding in sympathy before they knew the real story. He made the average politician turned adulterer look good by comparison.

And let’s add stupendous hypocrite to the list of Letterman descriptors. Who told more Elliot Spitzer jokes than Dave? At least the Governor hired a professional who could have walked away from her gig with him at any time, without fear of losing her job or being blackballed from her chosen industry.

Does anyone still find Dave’s jokes about Sarah Palin’s daughter funny? Maybe he was planning to offer her an internship as a peace offering.

Even Don Imus called him “a mean-spirited creep.” Letterman is just another rich prick who uses his power to exploit those he can.


Hankster said...

Not one to watch any of these evening shows, but seeing an opportunity to be the first post, let me talk about something I have no knowledge of...

What I wanted to say is the guy you have in your ID photo doesn't look anything like you. Why didn't you use your own picture?

d'blank said...

Can you believe i was once that good looking?

c-lina said...

Amen, brother!
An uber pig.

What happened to good guys being the majority instead of the minority?

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I totally agree. I cannot look at him. He's not funny to me now.

Gman said...

Do I sense a new edgier DB? Telling it like it is without worrying about the TW HR police looking over his shoulder at his posts!

d'blank said...

The TW HR police can't read.

kgwhit said...

I have personally fired mangers in my company for less than what Letterman was doing.

Some folks at CBS had to know what he was doing, yet nobody stepped up and canned his ass.

Hell, he wasn't even winning his time slot when Leno was on late.

d'blank said...

in fairness to CBS, i think he was working his scam at his own production company, located apart from any CBS facility.

Woody said...

The next shoe to drop will be Letterman's wife filing for divorce. The dance continues.

Gaga said...

Seeing how coldly Letterman is handling this story I have my doubts that its even real. Those who have never had work related sex throw the first stones.

fenway said...

I disagree. Or, he may be a pig, but not over this. I'm guessing these women did not feel harassed in the least, had lots of fun and now tons of stories to dine out on. Does nobody remember Time Inc. in the 60s? And 70s? And probably into the 80s?

Paul said...

Letterman is fine; he never was the “Family Values” type. Yes, he probably cheated on his girlfriend now wife. But at least he does go around claiming he is Mr. “Family Values” like some of our politicians (can you just see the grin on all “Fake News” reporters/ commentators and the Palin fringe). This has been a tough summer, for Dave, for our economy but at least he did not end up on the “Republican 2009 Summer of Love” list: Assemblyman, Michael D. Duvall (CA), Senator John Ensign (NV), Senator Paul Stanley (TN), Governor Mark Sanford (SC), Board of Ed Chair, and Kristin Maguire AKA Bridget Keeney (SC).

d'blank said...

Let me just clarify that I am not making a moral judgment here. I think Letterman is a pig primarily because he is clearly using his position of power to get women. I say, “let him beg like the rest of us.” And second, he is a complete hypocrite. He bases his monologue nearly every evening on ridiculing people who have display similar character flaws. “Pig” may not be the right word. “Asshole” or “douche bag” may be more appropriate.

Birdman said...

No, I think pig is a perfectly good descriptor. Although "asshole" and "douchebag" fit as well. I think we can also apply the adjectives "smug" and "self-important" to the latter two.

Hankster said...

You don't need a lifeguard to dive into the gene pool. Although it might not be a bad idea to use Lifebuoy if you want to get into the best swimming holes.

On another note. Ironic, isn't it, that with the greater access to information we have, the problem is discerning fact from disinformation? There is more soup but it is thinner.

Gaga said...

Anonymous said...

Letterman has always been a gap-toothed, un-funny hick, trying to tease 9 hairs into covering his bald pate. I've met two of his "girlfriends." Both were as attractive as week-old pizza crust, so I always assumed he was gay, especially when considering the caliber of gash his stardom would attract. Also, I've always wanted to publicly bitch-slap him and then piss on his white tennies.

Anonymous said...

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