Monday, September 15, 2008

Your turn

I’ve offered all the reasons I have in support of Senator McCain, and Lord knows we’ve heard plenty of objections to his candidacy in response. Now it’s time to hear the rationale for Senator Obama, and you, fellow bloggers, should be the ones to supply it. It’s not that I can’t think of any myself, it just that propaganda is best brewed by true believers, as many of you seem to be.

I went back and reviewed many old posts and found plenty of arguments against John McCain, but nearly nothing supporting the Obama agenda. What is it about Barack Obama that makes you think he should be the next President of the United States?

I plan to make this the only post this week, so take your time and formulate an answer you really like, and use all the space you want. (Although I can tell you for a fact that your fellow bloggers’ interest level drops sharply after about 300 words.)


Anonymous said...

Here's a short list of "why" I'm voting for Barack Obama:

- He was the ONLY candidate running for Pres who had the foresight to vote "NO" against the war from the very beginning. NOW, everyone, (except for McCain), agrees that going into Irag was WRONG. (Even Bill O'Reilly admitted this during his Obama interview.)

- Obama continues to show amazing foresight with suggesting that the US enter into diplomatic talks with "threatening" countries, such as Iran. At the time, he was laughed at and called "soft" on terror. Now, even Bush is realizing that talking to Iran is an important first step.

- Obama has a clear plan for improvement to the economy in a way that will positively impact all families in America. His approach is the OPPOSITE of the trickle-down economics that has caused the greatest economic disaster in US history since the Great Depression. (McCain would keep it "the same" and says our economy is "strong." Seriously???? Even as of today, it's strong??)

- I agree with Obama's energy plan that expansion of drilling is a short-sighted low-impact solution...we need more research in alternative energy.

- He can actually give a speech that inspires me. So much so, that I am volunteering quite heavily in his campaign, which I have never been inspired to do for any candidate...

- He has given up high-paying career tracks in order to help those in need, which is something I think has been missing from the White House for a long time.

I could go on and on...but in the name of brevity, I'll stop...

Gaga said...

Obama &
War: Didnt vote for the mistake in the 1st place Didnt support sending more troops Has the quicker plan to get out Has the Iraqs' agreeing with him Try to remember your draft number being drawn when you think of the war Sixteen months sounds better than McNovacains' 2013 (? his 2nd term?)
Economy: Obamas' spending on social issues Isnt that what the moneys supposed to be for? I'm through trading butter for guns Hunger,education & medical care HERE are more important to me than democracy over there somewhere
Diplomacy: Obama will open up talks with everyone Its time to recognize the existance of all peoples I think he'll give the world the chance to step back, relax & find our common ground
Terrorism: dont let your guard down but stop the new "red scare"
terrorists dont have to make another move ever in this country 911 will have us seeing the new "commies" everywhere til hell freezes over
Race: get the black thing over with
Joe Biden: Has Obamas' ear & the only real plan for the future three Iraqs'
Palin: get serious
Our kids: How much war you want them to pay for?

hankster said...

We need a Muslim who is willing to teach young kids sex education as President! If he made Law Review at Harvard, I feel he should be able to learn to shoot caribou and wolves from an airplane. Give him a little more time and he will surely learn how to mud wrestle with John, Mitt, Rudy and Sarah.

How can you be sure he will be a wise, thoughtful President who can think on his feet? You can't. I am not buying the nonsense I hear from his opponents. He is somewhat like McCain was in 2000 when he got slimmed by GWB. I prefer the candidate who hasn't yet compromised his values. I saw how GWB waged his campaign: the methods of his administration proved to be more of the same. I am extrapolating both campaigns and prefer Obama.

The premise of McCain's run is to clean up corruption. Fine, but we actually need a vision too. I am not smart enough to understand how he can run on the concept of change while his party has been in office for 8 years and he is reluctant to change course. At the very least, Obama offers that much.

Birdman said...

Good question Dennis. Over the past few elections -- maybe forever, I've pulled the lever for the person that I've hated the least. Being forced to articulate why I'm voting for somewhat rather than against someone (which is infinately more difficult) is a good excercise. Here goes.

I'm not as impressed with Obama's declaration against the invasion in Iraq as most people are. Being against George Bush didn't carry to many risks when done from the
well of the Illinois senate rather than from the well of the US senate during an election year.

However, I strongly agree with his approach to getting out. Set a date and tell the Iraqis they are on their own after a date certain. This sort of strategy works very well with recent college graduates. It'll work with the Iraqis. Of course we stand by with advice and concern but not a dime until they spend down their $80 billion is spent.

I'm not an expert on tax policy but I can add. Bush's tax cuts have doubled our national debt. Obama pledges to let them expire. When you're in a whole, stop digging. McCain wants to extend these cuts. Bad idea. Personally, I'm not all the keen on capital gains tax increases and will do whatever I can to avoid them. But we, as a country, need to rebuild almost everything and that takes $$.

I believe Obama will implement a comprehensive energy plan to, at least, address the need to engage alternative energy solutions. McCain seems to want to drill our way out.

I don't know enough about the proposals for aleviating the huge problems in the health care area but I look at both parties and I think that Obama is less in bed with insurance companies than is McCain.

Short and simple.

rsb said...

Thanks to all who have written before, I would have said much of the same.

So the one thing I will offer has to do with the reaction I had when I heard that JM would most likely chose Phil Graham to be Sec of Treasury if elected. Given PG’s history with say the Eron scandal it doesn’t make sense to me that he would be the best choice. (Fox guarding the henhouse.)

So with that in mind I realized I have a perception that Americans have a high level of Common Sense. That common sense is as American as apple pie. (However the older I get the more I think Common Sense is an oxymoron…it is not very common.)

Integrity is another trait I’d like to think of the American way.

The JM of 2000 would and did impress me as someone who had both integrity & common sense.

I’m not sure if the JM of today has lost the common sense & integrity I thought he once possessed or if those qualities are just so dim by comparison to the level of integrity & common sense of BO.

This is purely a judgment on my part. It is based on how I perceive how the two approach similar issues.

The easiest example would be their running mate choices. But it goes to the war, health insurance, social security, veterans benefits, etc.

No one knows what the next president will be facing beyond our current issues.

What ever those issues may be I would prefer to have someone guiding the country with a cool common sense head, who will restore integrity internationally.

AY said...

I’ve come to believe Obama will work relentlessly to correct the
countless mistakes that George Bush has made. The tasks ahead
will take a take an intelligent and energetic president with fresh
ideas like Obama’s to turn this country around.

Obama’s politics are not ideologically driven, but pragmatic and flexible. He speaks for the new generation of American
politics. He identifies with the issues of the 21st century.

He’s been in the trenches and worked with and for those in
poverty in Chicago. On the flipside, he was president of
the Harvard Law Review.

He’ll continue to fight for veteran benefits as a member of
the Veterans’ Affairs Committee (McCain is not). He’s already
pushed for better health care funding and increasing the GI Bill
so combat veterans can get increased education benefits (McCain voted no on this bill).

He shares most of my views on abortion, gay rights, education
reform, Iraq, Afghanistan, global warming, energy policy, and

As far as the economy, no candidate has all the answers for this deeply-entrenched financial crisis – which will play out well after the election. But I do know that Obama will address it in a more pro-active,thoughtful, smart and comprehensive way – and will not continue down Wealthy Way with Phil Gramm leading the band.

Gaga said...

Banks closing. Financial institutions falling. Unemployment rising. The Fed tightening up. We might want to consider which candidate can make the best soup.
Phil Gramm is bad enough for Sec. of the Treasury. In todays news General Petraeus,who McNovacain has said would be his "closest advisor",made himself available for Sec. of Defense by stepping down in Iraq. Lets see, Sec. of Labor Dagwood, Sec. of Education Alfred E Newman. With Palin at the VP spot,think soup.

DMJ said...

He will be the best basketball player in the White House.
He will remove the bowling alley and put in a basketball court.

Birdman said...

McCain's latest comment on the economy reminds of a scene from the always quotable "Animal House".

McCain's explanation of his head-scratching observation that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" was that he was talking about the American workers and "he implied that if you dispute his statement about the economy’s firm foundation, you are, in effect, insulting American workers. “I believe in American workers, and someone who disagrees with that — it’s fine,” he told NBC’s Matt Lauer.

The scene in Animal House that came to mind is the one where Otter is defending the actions of his fraternity before the Hellenic Council by saying if you run down his fraternity you are insulting the American way of life and he won't stand for it. A classic.

I think the Bush administration's defense of the last 7 years can be summed up by Otter's statement to Flounder after they trashed his brother's car. "You f***ed up, you trusted us".

leslie s said...

Here's why I believe Obama's worth a vote, if a bit of a gamble. The truth is: Washington runs itself. Always has. Always will. There are staffers all over the hill that have been there for 20, 30 and more years. They know how to push legislation. They know how to move an idea. What we need are ideas. Unselfish, "for the good of the global community" ideas. Obama's got them. He's young enough to not be jaded. He's only begun to get roughed up by this political carnage the US has embraced over the last decade or so. In short--he has good intentions, a pure heart, and...did I mention he's smart, well spoken and diplomatic? We need someone who's not afraid to talk to our adversary's. Talking breaks down fear. Debating, opens the possibility for respect. I think he can tear down some of these fear based walls and find more common goals in the world. Hey...we can try him, or we can keep sending our sons and daughters to die wastefully, in wars that shouldn't have been waged.

kgwhit said...

Reasons for Obama:

The easiest reason is that he was one of the few who said he thought it was a mistake to invade Iraq...he didn't vote because he wasn't in the Senate in 2002.

After 8 years of "your either for us or against us", he believes in the power of persuasion and that force should be your last option not your first.

We must do something about the health insurance issue in the country, and McCain's plan is just more of the same.

Despite the attacks as an elitist, I think someone four years removed from serving as a state senator has a better grasp of what life is like for most people than someone who has spent the last 30+ years in Washington.

Will that knowledge translate into wiser polices than McCain, you can't know for certain but it should.

Lastly, he represents a generational shift that we need in this country...and that is coming from a baby boomer. We have been culturally fighting the 60's for the last forty years and it is time to move on.

Just as JFK was a generational change for my parents, born in the 20th century and closer to their age, Obama grew up in a world without legalized segregation and more a part of the diverse country that the US has become in the last 30 years.

It is time to put us old farts out to pasture and the country to move on. We can sit on our computers and go on about how much better life was back in the day.

As was once sung:

Your old road is rapidly changin
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
for the times they are a changin.

Gaga said...

KGWIT,its not time to get out of the way,its time to lend a hand. We havnt finished our duty. So many young people have picked up the ball we dropped. Forget your 401k,remember your draft number being drawn,dream just abit more, & pitch in.

Kaz said...

Barack Obama has the judgment, temperament and poise to be the next President. I have no confidence that John McCain has any of these qualities. Obama won't go off on some goofy culture wars flyer. He won't appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court. If he dies in office, Sarah Palin won't become President. He'll lead us to a new energy policy that will begin to direct our attention away from fossil fuels and on to renewables. He'll champion a form of national health insurance - the third leg of a reasonable social contract for our government and its people. He'll provide for proper oversight and regulation of Wall Street. He'll get us out of Iraq in reasonable time. And finally, because I like to be liked on the world playground, Obama as our President will overnight begin to transform our image in world.

Mikey Likes It said...

I would vote for a ham sandwich rather than McCain at this point, and I'm not the least bit ashamed to say so. All Presidential elections boil down to picking the lesser of two evils. Nothing wrong with that. It's true of most decisions in life. There's a lot more evil around than good in this world, and more opportunities to avoid evil than do good.

Sorry, but Obama is the lesser evil. I do agree McCain is a more impressive individual than Obama.
But he's also old enough that the VP choice matters. And there is no way that Palin is even remotely qualified for that role. Would you vote for her as a Presidential candidate? Because of McCain's age, she is one, de facto. When he did that, he lost my vote.

And a vote for McCain is a vote to keep the Republicans in power. And that is just unacceptable. They've been mismanaging the country for 8 years. This has nothing to do with philosophy of government, it has to do with corruption and incompetence. They've blown our national budget. They've fought a dumb war and debilitated our military (tell me what we'd do if we had to fight a real opponent now).

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