Sunday, January 17, 2010

More road notes

The whole drive south I felt like a guy in one of those romantic comedy B movies who thinks he’s about to finally reach the Promised Land with the female lead. As they work their way into her apartment building, up the stairs and into the apartment, he’s shedding clothes as they pick up the pace, finally hopping on one leg and falling into the bedroom as he removes his pants. That was me all the way south; as the thermometer rose I was stripping layers. Once I got into Georgia I just wanted to find I-95 and get to the Promised Land as quickly as possible. When I reached Jacksonville Friday morning the sun was shining and it hit 65.

I pulled off 95 in St. Augustine and found A1A – the coast road – stripped off another layer, and traded my driving shades for the Ray-Bans. God it was a beautiful thing for the next couple hours just cruising along the Atlantic with the windows down and a Montecristo burning.

More recommended road music: Omar and the Howlers, and the Rambling Dogs.

Speaking of music, go hear the Prowlers at the Ace of Clubs on Great Jones Street next Saturday night, January 23rd. I don’t know who’ll be on cowbell, but I promise you a fun night.

When I wrote about recent great meals I should have mentioned the whole wheat pasta, pea plant and garbanzo dish Hankster prepared for Doc and me. While we all agree it would have benefited from a sauce, it was still very tasty. Plus, I never knew anybody ate pea plants. Turns out that actual peas are too indulgent for the Hankster.

NFL playoffs: Hey, I was three out of four today. I should have gotten ‘em all. I can’t believe I picked the skanky Cowboys. I hate picking teams I don’t like and then being conflicted about who to root for during the game. Good riddance to them. And how about them Jets? They may be a team of destiny, but even if they aren’t I love the way old Rex has them playing. I believe Woody was also 3 for 4. I’ll make next week’s picks in a couple days.

With luck, the movers show up Tuesday and I’ll be an official Floridian.


jb said...

Well, to be an "official Floridian" you have a good start with that tattoo. You are going to have to ditch the Caddy for a Ford 150 pick-up, cut off your shirt sleeves or better yet wear no shirt and start practicing saying, "getter done."

kgwhit said...

Know the feeling about picking America's team. As a lifelong skins fan...who has been sorely tested the last few years...I couldn't pick them. The highlight of the weekend was watching them fall apart.
Should have known that SD couldn't win the big game. Jets are great on defense and the offensive guru, Norv, didn't have a solution.

Birdman said...

Clearly I know nothing about football having gone 1-3 this weekend. Honor is due Woody and Dblank for their sage picks.

I'm all in on the Colts and the Saints this weekend although I'd love to see a Favre/Manning match up. Manning's the best quarterback since Johnny Unitas.

fenway said...

Only 50%. Colts and Saints.

Gaga said...

Sports lessons I'v learned: team play,your only as strong as your weakest link, & face every challenge as it comes with the cards dealt you. Not practicing this is why I hope the Colts get spanked this weekend. In the other game,betting on the elder Viking is a sucker bet for all boomers.The Superbowl,Saints bury the Jets by 3,4 TDs.
No Steelers,Pats,Eagles or Giants makes this Superbowl a snooze fest.

d'blank said...

I think it's much more fun w/o the Stillers, Gits, Iggles and Bellychuck.
Get 'er done Jets!

BB said...

Wouldn't it be great if the Jets can smash their way to the Super Bowl? Not sure they can grind past Peyton and the Colts however. The Saints/Vikes game should be great. I'm picking Colts and Vikes, but would be happy if Rex took 'em all the way.

Birdman said...

Even though it's a city and a couple of generations removed, I now look at the Colts/Jets game this weekend as a chance for redemption for the Colts Super Bowl defeat at the hands of the Joe Namath Jets in 1969.

d'blank said...

Sounds like a personal problem Birdman, but you're lucky Joe Willie won't be lacing them up Sunday.

kgwhit said...

Baltimorons sure have a long memory. There are only a handful of us left who remember the Colts-Jets super bowl at the Orange Bowl.
As a student at the University of Maryland at the time, I remember that is was not well received on campus.
At least a third of the guys in dorms were from New York/New Jersey. Of course, they never tried to rub in to their Baltimore dorm mates.
The campus police were called in on more than one occasion that weekend.