Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Become an international entrepreneur

Have you always wanted to oversee a personal portfolio of investments you’ve made in exotic businesses in faraway places? Well, now you can, and it is both simple and very affordable. For example, I recently invested in an international construction company headquartered in Senegal (see photo above). The whole process took about 3 minutes and I only had to put up $25.

The secret is Kiva, a non-profit organization that aggregates investments like mine and makes micro-loans to mostly third-world entrepreneurs who have limited access to capital.

Sometime last year I made four of these $25 loans to a mechanic in Azerbaijan, two restaurants (one in Mexico another in Honduras) and a beauty salon in Tanzania. On average, each of these budding tycoons borrowed under $1000. My $25 came back to me as cash as they repaid their loans (which each of them did), and I have reinvested the money in four other businesses. I get periodic updates as payments are made.

I’m now lending to the contractor in Senegal, a taxi owner in Azerbaijan, a grocery store in Peru and a tailor in Tanzania. Click any of the proceeding in case you’d like to participate with me in this particular portfolio.


admonster said...

Kiva is a great organization. It allows us to see directly how our contributions are helping others looking to help themselves.

fenway said...

Done, thanks for the reminder. I've 'funded' a female-owned beauty salon in Nicaragua.