Monday, May 19, 2008


  • I caught Senator Obama's stump speech today in Montana, and I think he’s been very effective at countering President Bush’s remarks in Israel suggesting that anyone who wants to sit down and talk to people like the Iranians are appeasers. He is punching back with good arguments and doesn’t sound at all defensive. Kerry and Gore always sounded defensive, and therefore weak, whenever they tried to fight back.
  • All media may be lame but TV is the worst. NBC makes me crazy. First Tim Russert, blowhard extraordinaire, interviews Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) on Meet the Press Sunday, and practically nominates him for Vice President. What a wet kiss, softball exchange. This morning “NBC-medical-correspondent-Dr.-Nancy-Schneiderman” diagnoses Ted Kennedy from the video of him being loaded into the ambulance (by several strong men). What is the point? Finally, Richard Engle had an “exclusive” interview with President Bush. What does that mean, exactly? That no other network was interviewing W. at that exact moment?
  • Senator Obama is warning the Republicans to “lay off my wife” after the Tennessee Republican party ran this ad:
    What do you think? Is the ad fair or not?


birdman said...

I have no idea what's fair but I don't think it's going to be effective. This sort of jingoistic patriotism that the republicans are so fond of will rile up the 30% of the country that still think Bush is a crackerjack president. However, I don't think any of them are contemplating voting for Obama anyway. The rest of the country will wonder what the point of this is.

Woody said...

If Michelle Obama wants to campaign for her husband then I think anything she says is fair game. Obama's campaign jumped all over Bill Clinton about his "racially insensitive" remarks in SC. Why should Ms. Obama be treated any differently? Obama is engaged in damage control, pure and simple.

hankster said...

I love this country because where else could you have a senator who supports an anti-gay agenda get caught trying to commit a lewd, homosexual act in an airport men's room still maintain his political office.

And what about that guy who loves America because of the right to bear arms, surrounded with more phallic symbols than Freud could come up with. Do you think he can spell Viagra?

Michelle Obama said she is proud of this country. Just because she isn't a cracker and happened to put her foot in her mouth at the wrong moment doesn't make her less human.

Think of all those soldiers dying in Iraq for America when the time comes when Americans will see it written somewhere that this country onetime fought in Iraq and think for a moment and say to themselves, "that's interesting, I never knew that."

jdb said...

isnt the saying all is fair in love and war? isnt politics war?

personally I think she is fair game as she put herself out there.

sure the right wing spun it as they should but I dont think it is unfair.