Monday, May 5, 2008

Oil prices

Not that anyone needs a reminder that oil prices are going up, but it was enlightening to see the escalation in chart form, so I thought I'd share it.

We obviously need an energy policy, but it is not just the politicians who are to blame for the situation we're in. It has become virtually impossible in this country to build a power plant of any kind -- regardless of the fuel involved, be it coal, oil or nuclear.

We also don't want the oil companies to drill anyplace there are bunnies or birdies. Nor do we want our armies fighting in other parts of the world to guarantee our access to their oil. But we do want to be able to be nice and cozy in our Montana ski houses in January, or cool in our Florida winter retreats. And even Priuses require some gas to get from A to B.
A lot of people are going to have to grow up and recognize that compromises need to be made in order to reconcile all the competing agenda for the common good.


Birdman said...

Politicians are indeed not the only ones to blame. We put them there because we want to believe that utopia is within our grasp without any sacrifice. I remember with stunning clarity our earstwhile president when asked what sacrifices Americans were being called to make in the "Global War on Terrorism", responded (with a look on his face, I might add, like someone had asked him a trigonometry question) "Well, Americans have to pay their taxes". Now, there's a real call to service if I ever heard one.

The same holds true in energy policy. Most Americans won't vote for a politician that tells people they must sacrifice and it won't be voluntary.

Of course we need to drill for more oil but more importantly we need to find a different source of energy that makes oil unnecessary. And it can't be left entirely in the hands of the private sector. They'll only work on stuff if they can make a buck on it in the next fiscal quarter. As a stockholder, I applaud that, but it makes lousy public policy.

AY said...

And who among the three stooges has a solid energy policy!?!

All are proposing useless or damaging ideas. At the very least, we can curb usage by levying a carbon tax that would reduce the use of fuels that release greenhouse gases. These revenues could be used to encourage and develop clean alternatives.

A first step in addressing this huge problem without raising the deficit.

But nothing will be done except making sure Americans continue to pay the lowests rates for gas.

hankster said...

Drilling for oil in Alaska is not the answer to our energy needs. It is only a quick fix on a bigger scale a la Hillary and John. Leave it for future generations.

Of course the people don't want to pay more taxes or sacrifice. In our culture we don't want to die to go to heaven. However, I do believe they have gotten a healthy dose of reality and are ready for leadership and sacrifice as a trade off for the uncertainty of the slow slide to economic hell.

Sold a quick war on the cheap, they got a never ending one with an adjustable rate. There was not to be sacrifices, but it turned out to be their sons and daughters and the very foundation of what they had been brought up to believe which made this country great and different. Judging by GWB's current approval ratings, the American people understand the check is not in the mail, even though it is...