Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Debate? pass the No-doze

Can someone tell me what the facination is with debates in this country? How many are there -- like 40? I get to feeling guily because I don't watch them, so I watched the Republicans tonight. Good lord. Not one new thing was asked or answered. The questions are either uninspired, or inspired to insight petty arguments. The answers are mini-TV commercials we've all heard 100 times already. We know their lines by osmosis. There has to be a better way to take the measure of these people. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm going to give the Dems equal time tomorrow. Perhaps with only two people fighting for the spotlight a little more substance will show through.


Birdman said...

I agree. These "debates" take on the intellectual rigor of the schoolyard debates we had in 4th grade when we debated the relative merits of Mickey Mantle vs. Willie Mays. They always devolved into inappropriate comments about the participants mothers. These debates are the same thing only more boring and less important (I was a "Mick" guy). What I hear is "Reagan, Reagan, Reagan -- You're a liberal, am not, are to, am not, are, to... Reagan, Reagan -- tax cut." Similar for the Democrats only it starts out "Bush sucks, Bush sucks, Bush sucks..." Well at least that's something we can all agree with.

AY said...

The format is awful. It doesn’t allow candidates to engage one another. But both parties do all they can to control the debates. They want to avoid tough questions, free exchanges – so it’s a series of mini stump speeches.

“The Rules” now dictate who gets to participate, who will ask the questions, even the heights of the podiums (Dennis Kucinich, I’m sure, was happy about that).

We need a public outcry or a non-partisan sponsor willing to publicly criticize the candidates to insure these debates will serve the voters' interests. Neither of which will happen.

Actually, I'd be happy with a Bush/Gore moment (Gore in his poo-poo brown suit saddling up to W who didn't know whether to run or scream for Poppy!).

That's all I can hope for.