Thursday, January 31, 2008

Disciplined Dems

Give them some credit – this was one of the few smart campaign tactics from the Democrats in a long time. Hillary and Obama spent the entire two hours making their points and counter-points without ever devolving to picking at one-another. They both came across as more statesmanlike and mature than any of the Republicans did last night. That was obviously a big disappointment to Wolf Blitzer, who went so far as to accuse Hillary of calling herself naïve in a cheap attempt to stir up some conflict.

Apparently one had to be either a movie star or rock musician to be in the audience tonight. This star-seeker quality that seems to envelop Democratic politicians is a real turn-off to many voters. I know Rob Reiner does not represent me and the fact that he has such access and influence makes me suspicious of those who allow it.


DMJ said...

I watched neither debate, so I have given equal time to bothe parties.

Also, I do not care who wins SB XLII, as long as it is not the Belicheats.

Birdman said...

It looked like the poker equivalent of "I'll play with these". Neither candidate wants to change the current status. Hillary is ahead in Ca. but dropping fast. She didn't want to increase the downward acceleration. Obama didn't want to slow it down. We'll see which one works. I wonder what Edwards will do? I suspect it will matter but I don't know who his endorsement will help or hurt. Fascinating election.