Sunday, January 6, 2008

OK, I was wrong

I was going to write some pedantic BS in a follow-up to why nobody should care about the Iowa caucus, but several things got in the way.
  1. I realized that if I'd written what I'd planned to, it would have been some pedantic BS
  2. it would have required (yikes!) actual research
  3. the pundits, especially David Brooks, changed my mind over the weekend

Brooks' column Friday, and appearance on Charlie Rose Friday night, convinced my that something important had happened in Iowa. Obama brought out thousands of young people to the caucuses, and overall, participation more than doubled from traditional levels. And of course, Hillary and Mitt both lost despite having spent more money and having had more professional organizations and establishment support. (So, for the first time since starting my blog I blew the analysis. All it took was one post.)

I don't know how I feel about Obama. He is certainly smooth, and who wouldn't find his story appealing? And he is obviously smart and accomplished -- Harvard Law Review president and all that. Finally, I like his basic message of "no red and blue states -- just one America," and the man can speak. But I can't figure out what all that means when contemplating an Obama Presidency.

Listening to his speeches (as I heard some TV talking-head say) is like eating cotton candy; fluffy, pretty and sweet -- they put a smile on your face. But what does he actually say? Not very much of anything specific that I've heard.

His health care plan has gotten some coverage, but there must be more out there. It looks like I better go looking for it. Apparently Barak is going to be around for a while.

Music: I can't stop playing Steve Earle's new CD, Washington Square Serenade. It's less political than some of his recent work, although "City of Immigrants" has that old populist fire to it. It rocks a little less, but "Jericho Road" will get you moving. It's a really good mix of styles.

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