Friday, January 25, 2008

The New York Times says: “It’s Hillary and McCain”

It may not count that much with voters, but the endorsement of the New York Times is probably the one most coveted by the candidates, and the editorial board announced their selections for the New York primaries today: Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Mrs. Clinton was no big surprise. She is, after all, the junior Senator from New York and has had the paper’s endorsement for both her Senatorial campaigns. They also had nice things to say about Senator Obama and John Edwards.

Senator McCain’s selection and the reasoning behind it was much more entertaining. To paraphrase, the Times position is: “Custom dictates that we endorse a candidate in the Republican primary as well. We hate them all, but the least odious is John McCain – who apparently served in a war, or something.”

They had nothing good to say about any other Republican candidate, and they beat Rudy like a red-headed step child.

Meanwhile this morning the Today Show gave Sen. Clinton a very hard time, and in my opinion, unfairly so. It was both shallow and misleading. It’s hard to make Hillary a sympathetic character in my eyes, but Matt Lauer and his producer did a heck of a job of it this morning. In an 8 minute segment there was not a single question relating to issues. Why don’t they just stick to diets, tabloid murder-mysteries and travelogue?

Link to NYT Clinton endorsement
Link to NYT McCain endorsement
Link to Clinton Today Show segment

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hankster said...

Yes siree, the NY TImes took Rudy to the woodshed in a big way. He is gonna have a tough time sitting down but he is taking it the only way he can, with a smile.

We can add the hometown paper of America's mayor throwing him to the dogs along with Kerry embarrassing Edwards by endorsing Obama, and Lieberman going with McCain and sticking it to the Democrats. There happens to be enough vinegar to go around this election season to make pickles for the inauguration.