Wednesday, January 9, 2008

News from New Hampshire

Ed Muskie cried in New Hampshire and was driven out of the race over it. Hillary cries and gets elected. Go figure.

It is so much fun when the unexpected happens. I get such joy from seeing the pollsters and pundits proven wrong. I may be forced to root for Huckabee in Michigan and Kucinich in South Carolina just for the potential jollies if it came to be.

International news: Mexican drug lords are importing gangsters, who are U.S. citizens, because they can so easily move across the border. Yesterday in downtown Rio Bravo there was a half hour-long running gun battle with automatic weapons between Mexican Federales and gangsters, three of whom were killed, another three (all Americans) were arrested. Ten Federales were wounded. How long before this is a movie?

Benizir Butto’s son, Bilawal, yesterday condemned the U.S. for it’s support of Pakistan dictators. In a highly-democratic move, Bilawal, who is 19, was appointed Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party shortly after his mother’s death last month.

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